Our Office
For a better selection of time and day, please call for appointments as early as possible. If you cannot keep your appointment, please call at least 24 hours in advance so we can allocate that time to other patients.

Fees and Financial Procedures
Payment at the time of each visit is encouraged and appreciated. If Dr. Jones is a participating provider for your insurance carrier, you will be responsible for the copay and any unmet deductible. We will file the attending physician statement with your insurance carrier. If Dr. Jones is not a participating provider for your insurance carrier you will be responsible for payment and will be given the attending physician's statement to file with your insurance company. Any questions can be discussed with our office manager.

Full payment for an operation is expected within 90 days of the surgery date. If a problem does arise, we are quite willing to discuss a mutually agreeable payment plan.

Surgical fees also cover the first six weeks post-op follow up visits, with the exception of casts, x-rays, dressing changes, etc. Charges incurred while in the hospital, other than ours, are billed by the various providers of those services.

Dr. Jones is a participating provider for most insurance companies. Any questions can be discussed with our office staff our your insurance company. For patients who are hospitalized, or have out-patient surgery, we file the claim with you insurance company. The assignment of benefits must be signed over to the physician unless you pay the account in full. In case of multiple insurance coverage, additional forms will be submitted at no extra charge. Although payment by the insurance company is anticipated within two months, the ultimate responsibility for payment is yours.

We are Participating Providers and will file charges directly with Medicare. Patients are responsible for services and supplies not covered by Medicare.